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$6600 Nightmare Prebuilt Gaming PC – Corsair & Origin Genesis Review

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Quick note: At ~25 minutes for the conclusion, the source for the messages got flipped — it should read “Corsair to GamersNexus” and “GamersNexus to Corsair” in opposite. The context is obviously super clear in the video but the direction of conversation is wrong in text.

Pre-built reviews playlist!

Watch the tear-down of the Origin PC here!

In this review, we’re benchmarking the Origin Genesis ~$6000 pre-built gaming computer with full custom loop water cooling. Origin is owned by Corsair, and the pre-built we’re reviewing uses a mixture of Corsair components with boards from other brands. Its main problems include incorrect CPU configuration that costs over 20% of the native performance, bad fan speed configuration, bad custom paint job, and more. On the upside, the cable management is very impressive — we’ll have a separate tear-down showing some of that.

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00:00 – The $6600 Disaster
02:33 – Origin Genesis Gaming PC Price vs. DIY
07:19 – 5800X3D Not Even Working Right
10:23 – Losing 1GHz Benchmarks
12:36 – Fan Noise is Jet Engine Volume
18:07 – Impressively Good Packaging
19:50 – Some Shipping Oversights
22:10 – Excellent Cable Management, Paint Job, SSD Test
25:49 – Bad Build & Origin’s Response (& Correction in Pin)

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Host, Testing, Writing: Steve Burke
Writing, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Additional Research: Jeremy Clayton
Camera, Editing: Vitalii Makhnovets