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A Tablet Computer That Touches You Back

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The Consumer Electronics Association holds a show every year in Las Vegas. This year, the show offered everything from dancing robots and singer Justin Bieber to ski-jumpers wearing some kind of technology. The association’s Chris Ely says the direction of electronics is clear.

CHRIS ELY: “The shift is more towards mobile connected devices. We are seeing an incredible amount of energy and products and volume into products such as tablets, smartphones, e-readers.”

Senseg spokesman David Rice says his company’s tablets feel different.

“On the top left we have asphalt which feels very course … It turns touch-screens into dynamic tactile interfaces. When you touch them, they touch you back.”

This device, the Blast Chiller by LG, can make a canned drink very cold in just five minutes. It won an award at the Consumer Electronics Show. So did this table, which is a very large tablet computer. I’m Kelly Nuxoll.